Semi Autotrophic Mankind
speculative future, 2015

 About this Work
 Process  

A project that started out in the research of beekeeping in Iceland and expanded to the matter of the large amount of bee deaths worldwide. It is a visualisation of a speculative future scenario where earth has lost most of its current vegetation due to the manifold impacts of the human factor.

An average human body covers a calorie requirement of about 2000 calories per day by eating food. By a rapidly growing world population of currently 7.4 Billion people, this demands an immense need to conduct agriculture and breeding for industrial food production.
In my project I am describing a speculative future scenario of genetic transformation in human bodies.
It is about the genetic evolution of human cells merging with the vegetable energy producing process of photosynthesis. This process will allow us to some extent sustain ourselves with an internal source of energy and therefore reducing our need of consuming industrially produced food. By consuming less we will be able to change the prevailing agricultural habits and stop exploiting resources. This in turn will allow nature to recover and create a new and rich variety of plant species.

This will mark the transition from the Anthropocene to the next geologic time period, the Yvríscene.